Armagh Restaurants

Armagh Restaurant Review 2020

Somewhere in between checking out the two historic cathedrals and the Georgian architecture that you will behold at the Armagh Conservatory, you’re going to want to stop for a bite to eat. You are in for some great meals when travelling the civil parish of Armagh.

Basil Sheils Restaurant Armagh is well-known as one of the county’s most popular eating establishments, and this popularity comes from a combination of high-quality waiting staff, a beautiful and relaxing country environment and surroundings and of course, food that is to die for.

Armagh Indian Nights is one place that is quite a treat, and you will find it 5 Scotch Street. The best Indian cuisine in Armagh awaits you. Has it been awhile? If you’re up for some curry and other great specials, Armagh Indian Nights has you covered. It should also be mentioned that you can bring your own beer and wine for this special dining experience while on vacation.

Next up is The Galley, which is located at 16 Barrack Street. This restaurant is great when you’re looking for a quick pit stop and delicious food. If you want the best fish and chips, then you might want to stop at The Galley. The chip shop is going to impress you, and those chips are fresh, not cooked after being frozen. You get what you pay for at this nice dining establishment in Armagh, one of Armagh’s finest.

Shapla is located 39 Lower English Street, and it is another great place to stop for delicious Indian cuisine. Are you craving some garlic naan? Tuesday night is said to be a special day for stopping by, so keep that in mind. The relaxed atmosphere is going to be quite nice for you and yours, and you can expect to enjoy a lovely meal. Just like Armagh Indian Nights, Shapla encourages you to bring your own beer or wine.

You know the expression ‘make my day.’ Well how about a restaurant or cafe called ‘Bake My Day?’ This dining establishment is located at 27 Dobbin Street, which puts it right at the Armagh Shopping Center. You can do some shopping while in the area, too, and maybe you can take one of Bake My Day’s beautiful cakes home as well. They have great cakes for special occasions, and you’re going to find a good bite to eat there, too.

Allens of Armagh is another wonderful restaurant. It is also located on Dobbin Street, specifically 6 Dobbin Street. This lovely cafe features toasties, soup and other great homemade foods. It’s a great pick for a lunch pit stop, and it’s sure to please your palate. Sandwiches and chicken curry are a couple of items you can expect to see on the menu at Allens of Armagh.

The Restaurants of Armagh – Summary

Now you know where to make your pit stops. You will find these restaurants quite easily as you are driving around Armagh checking out all there is to see and do. The beautiful civil parish is going to show you a good time, and you are going to be stuffed as well. Which of these fine restaurants are you and your family going to check out first?